Sunday, November 30, 2008

District approves insurance coverage

The St. Croix Central School Board Monday accepted an upgraded district insurance program and agreed to pay a premium of $83844 for the policy. The low bid came from EMC Insurance Company who the district has used for the last decade.

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Don't Get Confused When Talking To Life Insurance Agents

They say taxes and death are the only absolute things in life. Whether this is true or not, you can prepare for both. While tax planning is an interesting subject, we are going to look at life insurance in this article.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Safeguard Your Dog With Value Low Cost Dog Insurance Cover Online

... of course you would not hesitate when it came to getting your dog treatment, you can make life quicker by taking out dog insurance which can offset some of the veterinary costs involved.

ABA Insurance Risk Management Conference Offers Exclusive Insight ...

WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- To make certain that financial institutions are properly insured, risk managers must stay abreast of market and regulatory trends.

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Insurance, we are surrounded by policies for this and that and most of the time we never use them but critical illness insurance will protect you from financial problems if you are in a situation where you will never work or live a ...

News - Flooding and insurance

Read more on News - Flooding and insurance A shake-up in the way we are advised when we buy financial products is being planned by the financial regulator.

See How Easily You Can Find Cheap Dog Insurance

Although the number of pet owners in the States is on the rise, most of those owners will not obtain insurance for their pet even though they will argue that the pet is part of the family.

Friday, November 28, 2008

budget car insurance

Most car owners have dreamt of owning a sports car during their driving life but the reality is that even if you can afford to buy one, often it is the maintenance which governs how long you can keep it.

Get sick, lose your health insurance

Lisa Girion at the LA Times continues to pry up the lid on the stinking mess of health insurance. The latest:.

New York Life Insurance Company Appoints Eileen Slevin as Chief ...

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New House Of York Life Insurance Company announced today that Senior Frailty President Eileen T. Slevin have been elected Head Information Officer.

Buying phone from eBay, get insurance?

I've got a pretty simple question that I'm sure I already know the answer to, but... Say I buy a phone on ebay, then activate it, is it applicable for the TEC insurance through Verizon?

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If looking for cheap auto insurance quotes, you’ll want to consider the long established as well as the newer insurance companies for the cheapest rates.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maryland Insurance Administration, Medical Malpractice Insurer ...

Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland must pay its full $68.6 million dividend to the state or reduce its 2008 premiums.

Do you have insurance?

I am a realist. Unlike most individuals around my age I am fully aware that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Accidents may happen at any time. This is why I have six months worth of paychecks saved in my account.

A New Car Insurance Segment?

Ok, we would like to throw this question out to all our readers.

Parents warned about lies on child’s car insurance

60% of parents have admitted that they would think about insuring their child’s car in their own name and then adding the child as a named driver.

Jeb Bush hammers Crist on insurance

Source: [b]St. Petersburg Times[/b] In the nine months since he left office, former Florida Gov.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Malpractice Insurance Opus

Managerial Malpractice Claims on the Rise. Protect Your Assets and Executives with D&O Insurance.

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This short report aims to assist you in getting lower premiums. Many techniques are available to help reduce your car insurance young drivers in Britain monthly costs.

Know When You Need Travel Insurance

You do not really need a travel insurance for every trip that you take. However, if you are planning a major trip abroad, I suggest that you get one. Apart from sparing you from worrying about what could happen, a... Continue.

Cheap Travel Insurance Quote Direct Travel Insurance

Cheap annual and single trip travel insurance from insurefor. It takes just easy steps to get a travel insurance quote for your holiday and buy online securely. Insure your holiday today.

Surplus Lines Insurance

Surplus lines insurance markets are needed to provide alternatives for unusual or higher risk insurance not offered by licensed insurers or insurance companies in the state a customer lives.

Kanetix Study Shows Auto Insurance Premiums Dropped Almost 17% in ...

Kanetix compared the average lowest auto insurance premium quoted at in Q2 2007-April, May and June-with the average lowest premium quoted from the same period in 2006, and found that the average lowest price had decreased by ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life Insurance on the Line

Marketplace, August 3rd, 2007. Lisa Napoli: A few weeks ago, a pair of Irish hedge funds filed for bankruptcy after some risky investments went south. Ritchie Capital had invested in what are called "life settlement policies.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Debuts Products for Preventive Health ...

Original post by Veterinary Pet Insurance and software by Elliott Back.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance vs. Liability Car Insurance. Many people just want to get liability insurance on their car because that is all the law requires in most states.

A Quick Look at Veterinary Pet Insurance

Veterinary pet insurance is a kind of insurance made for the pets, that provides insurance mainly for the veterinary care. This basically includes vaccines, surgical care and other advanced medical care.

Know About Medical Insurance!

Medical Insurance. In recent times, there has been growing awareness about life insurance products and the various benefits they offer to individuals.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Technology and the changing face of insurance

Ian sent me this link - Safeco Launches Teensurance Tech Product - and I thought this was interesting as it shows how technology can impact insurance.

Georgia's Gain, Florida's Loss, Thanks to Insurance Costs

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on how the rising cost of insurance in Florida is the last straw for many residents who are moving to Georgia.

Health Insurance News - Medical Tips

In addition to having reliable health insurance, there are steps you can take to ensure you receive the best medical care.


Karen Dalton-Beninato: Katrina Billboard Blasts Big Insurance in its Own Back Yard (HuffingtonPost) The battle for hearts and minds in the hometown of State Farm Insurance is escalating.

SP Sees Thai Insurance Industry Growing ‘Despite Challenges’

Maybe we could take a look at this Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has issued a report - "Thailand Insurance Outlook 2007-2008" - as part of a series of articles on the country’s insurance industry. S&P concludes that "Thailand’.

Dealing with health insurance

I left my last job on May 4th, 2007, and dealing with health insurance since then has been a pain in the rump.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Travel Insurance

I was having lunch yesterday at work and the topic inevitably rolled around to my upcoming trip to Bali and a trip that my co-worker and his wife were about to embark on to Europe on a cruise.

Protect Your Personal Property With Home Contents Insurance

It would surprise you to know how many homes have all the latest in technological gadgetry, yet have failed to insure the contents of their home against the event of either a burglary or damage.

8 Easy Routes to Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of the most expensive costs involved in driving a car, and it's not something you can avoid - a minimum level of insurance is required by law.

American Pick up Insurance Help Please!!

[quote:c77a7f600d="Dazzer"]Thanks Chrisdy Can I take it your reasonably impressed with yours then???

Some may begin to see lower teen insurance rates

COLUMBUS (AP) - Ohio's new law restricting young drivers is saving some people money on car insurance bills because the companies believe the regulations will lower accident rates.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is PMI? Private Mortgage Insurance

How PMI can help you buy a home. The average cost of buying a home goes up each year, making it more difficult for first time home buyers to accumulate a traditional 20% down payment.

Episode 3: Life Insurance Marian Snow Interview

Aired on April Fools Day, April 1st 2007. We talk about a taboo and normally unspoken subject of Life Insurance.

Scruggs vs. Miss. insurance commissioner, cont'd

David Rossmiller: "Dickie Scruggs has declared Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale 'political toast,' and took out a full-page ad in a Jackson newspaper depicting Dale as a pig with lipstick. Yes, you read that correctly.

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Insurance Broker SoftwareLow Cost Health Insurance For Childlow cost health insurance for childOur website covers all the basics of low cost health insurance for child - from beginning to end.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lawsuit Accuses Pastor of Insurance Fraud

An insurance company has filed a lawsuit against a prominent Denver minister and four affiliate church groups, for fraud alleging they filed fraudulent life insurance claims on the behalf of parishioners.

Insurance Lead Sales

insurance lead sales. Our website covers all the basics of insurance lead sales - from beginning to end. We have gathered these resources to help you florida individual health insurance as soon as possible.

Insurance companies bite!

It's great that I have health insurance and all, but it's a royal pain in the butt. I had to get a refill on a prescription but it need "prior authorization" from my doctor.

President's Budget Does Not Support Child Health Insurance Program ...

Forum: Symposium Posted By: mjfrombuffalo Post Time: 02-26-2007 at 03:49 PM.

New Database for College Insurance Requirements!

Applying to become an international student and studying outside of your home country can be a daunting task at times.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SCOKY Oral Argument on 2/16/07 re: insurance defense lawyer's ...

From SCOKYBLOG is the following update on oral argument with SCOKY set for 2/16/2007 on a underinsured motorist case with two twists.

New York Disability Insurance Lawyer

The World Wide Web can be a busy and crowded place when you are looking for good information on new york disability insurance lawyer . We have created a great shortcut.

Health Insurance The Wild Card

An Associated Press story, no author given, discusses some of the problems presented by governments attempting to mandate solutions to the current lack of health care insurance in this country.

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Learn about low cost health insurance texas houston and its significance in past years and what it may mean to you today.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to Wilson, Paves & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.

Do you need affordable personal or business insurance in the Bakersfield area? Whether you need workers compensation insurance, business, health, car, home or other products were the customer always comes first.

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Affordable Health Insurance Information & Resources

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