Sunday, November 30, 2008

District approves insurance coverage

The St. Croix Central School Board Monday accepted an upgraded district insurance program and agreed to pay a premium of $83844 for the policy. The low bid came from EMC Insurance Company who the district has used for the last decade.

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Don't Get Confused When Talking To Life Insurance Agents

They say taxes and death are the only absolute things in life. Whether this is true or not, you can prepare for both. While tax planning is an interesting subject, we are going to look at life insurance in this article.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Safeguard Your Dog With Value Low Cost Dog Insurance Cover Online

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ABA Insurance Risk Management Conference Offers Exclusive Insight ...

WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- To make certain that financial institutions are properly insured, risk managers must stay abreast of market and regulatory trends.

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News - Flooding and insurance

Read more on News - Flooding and insurance A shake-up in the way we are advised when we buy financial products is being planned by the financial regulator.